What is RCIA – Que es el RICA

This Program is for Adults and Young Adults

Registrations will begins every year on Monday after Mothers’ Day

Las Inscripciones comienzan todos los años el Lunes depues del dia de las Madres

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What is RCIA?

Catechism for Young & Adults / R.C.I.A

The rite of Christian initiation for adults (R.C.I.A.) is a religious education program for individuals 16 years of age or older that have not yet received any of the initiation sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation and/or Eucharist. It is also for adults from other faiths that are looking to become members of the Catholic community. Those who have been baptized Catholic, but have not received formal Catholic instruction are also welcome to be part of this program.


Que es el RICA?

Catecismo para Jovenes y Adultos / R.I.C.A

El Rito de Iniciación Cristiana de Adultos (R.I.C.A.) es un programa de educación religiosa para jóvenes mayores de 16 años o adultos que no hayan recibido los sacramentos de iniciación: Bautismo, Comunión y/o Confirmación, o para adultos de otras tradiciones religiosas que desean investigar las posibilidades de convertirse en miembros de la comunidad católica. Los católicos bautizados que no han tenido un entrenamiento o preparación en la Iglesia también son bienvenidos a este programa. El R.I.C.A. forma adultos preparados en la sabiduría y tradición de la iglesia, ya que por medio de la oración y el estudio profundo de nuestra fe católica, desarrollan un entendimiento y amor esenciales para su formación espiritual.


The RCIA Team

Coordinator: Mrs. Nini Fernadez,

Head Catechists Team: Mrs. Norma Medina, Mrs. Norma Reinefeld, Mr. Charlie Villar & Mr. Michaell Martinez

Assistant Catechist Team: Mrs. Claudia Guevara & Mr. Oswaldo Yepes-Lebron

E-Mail: nnf0229@bellsouth.net, info@guadalupedoral.org


Period of Formation:

Usually is only one school year of classes, starting September and ending May


Class hours: Mondays at Our Lady of Guadalupe parochial offices From 7.00 PM — 8.30 PM

If you are not able to attend this schedule, please let us know to see how can we help you.


Cost: $ 100.00  (includes the books, material used during the formation year and gowns for the confirmation)


Documents to Submit

Please download the Applications by clicking over the Download Center icon

 A) Personal Information: Click on the Download Center icon

B) Copy of your:

1- Birth Certificate

2- Baptism Certificate (if you are baptized) or Affidavit of Baptism (if you are not able to provide a copy of your Baptism Certificate) or Baptism Application Form (if you are not baptized)

3- First Communion Certificate or Affidavit of First Communion

NOTE: if you are not able to provide a copy of your First Communion Certificate please contact Miguel Ruiz (miguel.ruiz@guadalupedoral.org) and he will help

C- Your Donation of:                   of $ 100.00