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Dear Catechists

In the following archives you will find different catechisms that will help you to prepare your classes.
These catechism have been a great help for me while preparing classes, I hope they will help you too.
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You will also find the Curriculum for Level 1 & 2 of Communion and Confirmation.

God bless you all



Queridos catequistas

En los siguientes archivos podran encontrar diferentes catecismos que les ayudaran impresionantemente a preparar sus clases.
Estos  catecismos han sido de gran ayuda para mi en la preparcion de clases, espero que ellos puedan ayudarles a uds. de igual manera.
Haga click en los enlaces para abrir los documentos.

Tambien econtraras los Curriclum de los Niveles 1 & 2 de Comunion y Confirmacion

Mil bendiciones


CURRICULUM FOR 1st Level of Catechism

Communion and Confirmation

The purpose of the First Year of Catechism, is to help the student to kown the basic of our faith,

General Introduction to understand the logic behind the Curriculum

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th/5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade



CURRICULUM FOR 2nd Level of Catechism

The purpose of the Second Year of Catechism, is to help the student to dive deep into the understaning of the Sacrament he/she will be recibing

Baptism (RCIA Children/Teen)

Communion 2 (FC2)

Confirmation 2 (Conf2): Click Here



Tools / Herramientas

The Four Pillars of our Faith




Para mis pequenuelos Parte 1

Para mis pequenuelos Parte 2