Catechists Renewal

2015-2016 Catechetical Report

Dear Catechists


From the bottom of my heart I want to thanks each one of you for the great job you have done throughout this catechetical year 2015-2016

Especially I want to thanks our priest, fr. Israel and fr. Benjamin for their trust in us and for their prayer for us.


We are continuously blessed by our God, but sometimes we run so much that we missed the deepness of His blessings, that is why if we see the year in numbers we can grasp a bit more the tons of blessing we received from the Lord.

During this catechetical year your help as a catechist or assistant catechist or volunteer has brought all these blessings:

  • to bring the Word of God to more than
    1. 847 students in the CCD program
    2. 38 adults and young adults in the RCIA program
    3. and around 120 parents in the Classes of Catholic Culture program
  • among all these students,
    1. 353 received the Holy First Communion this year
    2. 156 received the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation.
    3. 15 received the Holy Baptism
  • We have also the blessing that almost 00 students consecrated their hearts to the Hearts of Mary and Jesus.


Among all those blessings, we have our dream come true on December 12th, when after so many years of pilgrimage we finally have the Inauguration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Temple…

Thank you dear catechist for everything you do for our children..

Catechist Renewal Form 2016-2017

Dear Catechists and Assistant Catechists

Id por todo el mundo y prediquen el Evangelio

Go all over the world and preach my Gospel (Marc 16:15)logo

In order for us to plan our Religious Education Program for 2016-2017, and in order to know how many students we will be able to welcome next year, we would like to confirm your commitment and availability by completing the following Contact Form.

By completing this information you will be automatically enrolled as a Volunteer for the 2016-2017 CCDProgram.

Please, submit this information on or before JUNE 30th 2016 by e-mail.

God Bless you and thanks for your great job.

Complete the following form if you want to volunteer in the 2016-2017 catechetical year

Community Hours Certificate 2015-2016

IMG_20160604_105948Do you need the Community Hours Certificate???

Please send me an e-mail to stating the number of hours you completed during this year.

We will send you the certificate via e-mail.

Thank you for your service to our parish.