Catechist Conference 2017


 Dress Code

Comfortable shoes

The Our Lady of Guadalupe White T-Shirt



Friday, November 3rd at 6:00 PM – Mandatory

at the Convention Center

(711 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami Fl 33126)


What do you need to have with you during the Conference?

You need to have your phone

Earplug headphones

a back up battery for your phone


What apps do you need to download?

You need to download two (2) apps


My Parish App and search for Miami Catechist Conference




Zello App and join the CC Miami


Jobs Distribution 

Please look for your name

Each one of you have been assigned to different positions during the Meeting

Some of you will have to arrive at 6:00 AM on Saturday as part of the WELCOME TEAM

Some of you will have to be later.. So make sure you know your schedule


Download (PDF, Unknown)